[Company] has the engineering capacity to design flexible and tailored wharf construction solutions to meet different soil conditions and requirements.

Keller crane constructing a new wharf

Usos frecuentes

Commercial wharf with quay cranes to allow container handling
General cargo wharf
Terminal car carrier
Ferry terminal
Passenger terminal
Fishing quay


[Company] can design and deploy solutions to meet specific soil conditions and client requirements.

Typical solutions include:

  • When executed on the shore line, the wharf can be made as a concrete deck on piles with a slope protected by revetment below the deck
  • When executed into the sea, the wharf can be made of a combi wall retained by anchors into a reclaimed platform. In this case the reclaimed platform may need soil improvement by vibro compaction.
  • When executed into natural or reclaimed land, the wharf can be made of a concrete diaphragm wall.


[Company’s] broad product portfolio means our engineers have more options when it comes to an effective and efficient designs for our clients
The experience to design solutions specific to specific conditions and requirements
Ability to call on a global network of experts to support. Combined with our local ground knowledge, this enables us to create the optimum solutions